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Who are our Owners?

Over 40 years of Real Estate, Property Management and Leasing Experience!

Our Owners live all over the world and we accommodate them as best we can, with regard to time zones; utilizing email, faxes, and cellular telephones. We communicate and follow-up as quickly as possible.

Residential properties – homes, condos, apartment buildings & complexes

Commercial properties – office, retail, warehouses and industrial properties

We also specialize, in working with Owners who have either moved an elderly parent, or have unfortunately lost a parent, and now face, dealing with a houseful of possessions to remove, and dealing with deferred maintenance, of any kind. We can handle anything that pertains to property. Marshall & Co. Property Management has a team of expert vendors that offer value, high quality craftsmanship and work efficiently, to turn the property into a clean and attractive rental, ready for marketing. Work may be as simple as hauling away unwanted belongings, or using our fast, yet detailed, and very affordable painters. Refinishing hardwood floors, installing new tile or linoleum flooring, new sprinkler system, or maintenance of landscaping, are among some of the services that we provide to our Owners.

Management Services We Offer



Marshall & Co. initially inspects the Owners’ property and offer any recommendations regarding possible cosmetic changes, or repairs that our years of experience can provide to you, to market your property in the best possible way. We analyze our Owner’s property for maximum rental potential and advise any staging or changes that would yield extra value.


We specialize, and are ready to offer our Owners, any services needed, such as painting, cleaning, or hauling, carpeting and flooring at wholesales prices. We prepare the property quickly, as we do not like vacancies, because they cost Owners money. We also offer on going gardening services ranging from Landscaping Designs Specialists to simple “cut and blow” gardeners.


We provide all of your property advertising, and create a superb, visually appealing, advertisement with a slide show on our website, at no extra charge to you. That is why we list your property at the many related and frequently visited websites, offering your ad a wide range of coverage on the internet. It is important to note that our website links are updated often, to keep up with the ever changing world we live in. We have top of the line search engine optimization. We still believe in posting easy to read signage on your property for maximize exposure of your property, if you want it.


Our professional Tenant screening process involves a detailed analysis of all factors involved, including In-house credit reports, verifying prospective Tenant's present income, and past and  present landlord's comments. Our goal is to place a well qualified, caring, and responsible Tenant, for our Owner's peace of mind, as well as our own.


Marshall & Co. takes special care and time, to go over each and every article in our leases, with each Tenant, carefully explaining what is clearly expected of them, and also discussing any special  concerns or customized features that need specific attention. The Tenant is then fully aware of how to maintain your property with proper care. This eliminates many future problems from happening, and eliminates any “grey” areas of confusion. We are very proud at Marshall & Co., of our special, customized, Additional Terms and Conditions document, which is based upon years of experience, with much careful attention to many possible problems that could occur if not addressed in a legal document.  We offer an in depth Move-In and Move-Out inspection and include a signed document, as well as a number of photos taken at the time, which are then saved, and stored, for your protection.


Prompt rent collection is a serious matter to us. Our leases require rent must be paid by the 5th of each month, and our Property Managers monitor our Owner’s property carefully each month. If a  Tenant is late, a late fee will be imposed, which is then passed on to the Owner, and a 3-day notice will be delivered, if necessary.


Marshall & Co. offers an inspection of each property every 6 months, to assure that areas such as gutters, are clear of debris, and that no maintenance feature is in need of attention.


Our Marshall & Co. staff, meet weekly, to discuss any and all Owner/ Tenant news, as well as any new laws, and legislation concerning investment properties. In addition, we encourage, and  support, any of our team members’ attendance in outside courses, or classes relating to our industry.


We will contact you at lease 60 days before the lease is up for renewal and ask you what you want to do with your property or your Tenant. Do you want to sell the property, move into the property, or  offer the Tenant another year's lease? If you decide to keep the property leased out, we will review the existing Tenant's history and be sure that you want to offer them another year's lease. A  market review of the Tenant's rent compared to the present market will be performed by us, to advise you of any possible rent changes.


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