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Relocation Program

Are you new to the area, or accepted a new job or transfer?

Marshall & Co. wants to make your relocation experience as easy as possible.

That is why Marshall & Co. offers to have our native Marin County Leasing Specialist, personally design a plan that fits your needs. Depending on how much time you have available, you may  spend a few hours, focusing on specific areas that you are interested in, or areas that our specialist feels are best suited for your needs. As part of our complete relocation rental home program, you will tour prescreened and available properties, and be provided with detailed information on any property you are interested in. As part of our relocation program, you will receive neighborhood information, important school information, our comprehensive resources guide, and other service information, such as great hair stylists, best restaurants in your area, special county attractions or locations, throughout your "Getting to know Marin," tour. We want to make your transition from your previous living to Marin County, as easy as possible.