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Lease Only Services

Marshall & Co. provides "Lease Only" services for residential properties as well as commercial properties. Just need leasing and not management? Here's what we do for you:

  • Visit and evaluate the property. Help determine rent rate for your property in the current market.
  • We specialize, and are ready to offer our Owners, any services needed, such as painting, cleaning, or hauling, carpeting and flooring at wholesales prices. We prepare the property quickly, as we do not like vacancies, because they cost Owners money. We also offer on going gardening services ranging from Landscaping Design Specialists to simple “cut and blow” gardeners.
  • Advertise, create a visually appealing advertisement on our own website, use digital photos with wide angle lenses, and slide show, and market your property on many related internet links. Offer search engine optimization, and custom signage for full exposure.
  • Show your property to pre-screened prospective tenants.
  • Provide frequent communication with you, during our search for the qualified tenant(s) for your property.
  • Provide professional, thorough, screening and processing, along with an in house credit report of applications submitted, with required documentation requested by Marshall & Co. Property  Management.
  • Lease signing, using all of the most up to date legal documents, our custom Addendums and our full explanation of all paragraphs in the lease.
  • Perform fully written and documented Move-In Inspection, and photos on CD.


Marshall & Co. takes special care and time, to go over each and every article in our leases, with each Tenant, carefully explaining what is clearly expected of them, while living in your property and upon moving out. We also discuss any special concerns or customized features that need specific attention. The Tenant is then fully aware of how to maintain your property with care.


Our Marshall & Co. staff meets weekly, to discuss any and all Owner/ Tenant news, as well as any new laws, and legislation concerning investment properties. In addition, we encourage, and support, any of our team members’ attendance in outside courses, or classes relating to our industry.